March 15, 2012

Let your lips do the talking

Hallo guys !!!

Random- i have been into lip colors lately

Not everytime though but when i do, i go all the way

I recently discovered the Sleek Pout Paint through my friend who sells their products and i thought to try it out as all the other big names were not that fantastic, well maybe a few….like this Ruby Woo one

Anyway i got Sleek’s Pout Paint in purple and pink, the red was not available at that time : (   so i have to look for that sometime soon

The purple is amazing….apply just a bit and it stays on the whole day, of course except you kiss a frog

See pictures….

I loved it…..its fierce : )

You can go HERE to see different shades

I wish i had taken more pictures but sadly i did not

I will post more lip color inspired posts more often

Have a restful evening

Its Ms Modish,



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