February 21, 2012

the art of sheer sexiness

Hey honey buns,

How goes it?  I remain a fierce member of team sheer, sheer and more sheer as the days go by….its comfy, mature and uber sexy.

In like 3 posts back, i told you guys my big cousin came to town. So it was time for her to leave and we thought to take a few last minute pictures for keeps, as we were missing her already.

As a picture obsessed blogger that i am, i stole a few style post pictures during our photo session. Trust me, my cousins were not surprised and I’m sure you know why

Back to the style morale of the story, i got these sheer palazzos over the holidays and i must say there is a generous amount of sexiness that comes off of it which totally works for me.

I paired it up with a black detail blouse (i forget what the detail on the sleeves are called right now), this top brings quite a few memories back i must say, memories not for this platform.

I sealed this look up with a pair of black pumps and voila! Home girl was ready to roll : )

Family is priceless….always remember

I am hung on florence and the machine’s *ceremonials* album….love every single track but spectrum, no light no light and bedroom hymns are the truth….you should listen
its Ms Modish,


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