February 7, 2012

Sunday Best- Plain and Patterned

Hey people,

Its been a minute, hope your weekend was fab !!!

Mine was fine….my big cousin came to town so it was a big family catch up….and i enjoyed myself : )

Always remember to cherish the members of your family as they are all you’ve got after God.

No matter how much they piss you off  (trust me they will), ….cherish them…..blood is a lot thicker than water.

Moving on…..i thot to share my sunday look to church with you for assessment lol.  This i think is the first time I will be doing this so lets see how it goes

I asked the photographer to play around with the pictures a little but i think he overplayed around with them

However, I’m sure you can focus on the prize….my get up as that is what we are here to do ; )

Here it is…

Dress- my most creative tailor till date
Watch- Fossil
Accesories- Warehouse

I saw this style about a year ago on one of the guests at an event, took a picture of her and ran to my tailor to make me the same thing….i love it….its so different…and the detail…amazeballs!

…hmmm I’m not sure about this virtual background…I feel like its in the way lol

orange shoes- Cupid

Aii folks,


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