February 20, 2012

My Valentine Inspired Post

Hello Lovelies,
So i meant to do this post last week but ….. yes i know, it is well : )

As part of my vals day enjoyment, i took pictures of my colleagues that looked nice at work. i said i was going to start doing that in my last post HERE , at least till they get tired of me.

We were asked to do a touch of red but i honestly could’nt be bothered, i never have been a dress code person. However, i appreciated people’s effort that day in the spirit of valentine so….arrest your comments lol!

Meet my darlings….


i love the entire outfit….!!!


this red skirt is va va voom…!!!

 I’m totally in love with the colour combo of these shoes…..!!!

The shoes….love em….take a closer look….!!!


They looked noice…..I’m sure you agree….trust me, the camera did not do them justice : )

To my surprise, we had a party at work as well, and everyone exchanged gifts with their office valentine (we had picked each other randomly, earlier) in the garden…yes we have one at work.

Twas a time of love sharing…wether fake or real (ikid) but at least an attempt was made.

Before i run, this was my not so touch of red updo….


    Have yourselves a great week
    its Ms Modish,


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