February 17, 2012

Friday Style Files

Hello people,

Two fridays ago, i did a mini style file thing at work…a few people looked nice to me and i decided to take pictures of em….i shall be doing that a lot more often as this was quite fun

First up is my darling hunk friend… Kennybrandmuse, the brain behind orange academy and a mentor of mine

The biker look he spotted is just too fierce to be unnoticed….i heart his style cuz he wears anything and everything and that takes a lot of boldness if you ask me, one of the true qualities of a style star…

the rugged look of these shoes…..i like

Next up is the cool Qbcool….he makes these shoes and i heart them so much i got a pair for the boo for vals and intend to get one or two more in different styles ….

I also heart the way he wore it…..very nice : )


Next up is me and my combo….i was gifted this burberry tees by a darling aunt a few weeks back and i thought to pair it up with these grey waisted pants for a semi-casual look and then jazz it up with my 60′s cloggs which i just got and absolutely love….

This post won’t be complete without my signature pose… hahaha

I’m ecstatic its friday and can’t wait to curl up in bed with the series I’m watching now…NIKITA

Till whenever, its nothing but love and don’t forget to join this site before you leave

its Ms Modish,


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