January 17, 2012

The Gorgeous Globes!


Its nice to have our week in Nigeria start, finally.

 I sincerely believe this year will bring an end to all the national problems we are facing by his grace, Amen.

Moving on, i hardly blog about awards because its on every website and stuff but a few looks stunned me at the golden globes held on Sunday night in Beverly Hills, hence this post.

Usually, the looks seen on the red carpet set the trend for the fashion season’s in 2012, inspire designers, stylists and fashion lovers: a benefit that is timeless and fun!

Popular trends seen on the red carpet at this event include the bird trend (feathers, scales), thigh high slits, Nude/blush tones (almost becoming a bore…..yawns), fish tails (that dominated), plunging neck/back lines, suprising buttercup yellows, weird looking blues and tiny little headbands.

Vintage pieces were mordernized and a lot of the showcased designs were inspired by little mermaid lol  It is safe to say the steal was either in the cut, the colour/tone or the detail. In short, money is good!!! 

After all said and done, i must say my favorite look of the night was Angie baby’s, Gosh I love the frock!!!
The neckline is fierce and says it all, the 40′s pleats by the hip is sensual, the fit is perfect and the styling, epic! #waytogo

One of my favourite phrases in fashion is “less is more” and i’m more than glad that Angelina Jolie’s  Versace cream silk gown was a practical explanation of that…..Ladies, take a cue!!!

I also fancied Emma Stone’s Lanvin two tone frock….i felt it was unexpected and fit her perfectly. The plunging neckline was sexy and  the eagle head belt modernized the look, whilst definning her waist (i’d have prefered a thinner belt though)….awesome

Another stunner for me was Salma Hayek….the Gucci gown she wore was great! The mosaic on the bodice is very artistic and stylish

Still on the matter, My darling Mila Kunis did not let me down as she spotted a black sheer Dior piece that was nothing short of alluring.

There’s something about this girl…..she rocked the look like no other
Jessica Alba is always a sweetheart….
Claire Danes also looked wowzers in her J-mendel design….

I’ve got to run…those i did not mention either did not wow me, looked too bland or too busy.
Before you leave me, please follow my blog….thank you very much.
As i leave you, do remember this quote…

“trends will come and go but style will remain as it comes from within”


God’s blessings
its Ms Modish,


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