January 10, 2012

ROAR!!! Leopards in Jumpsuits

Aloha folks,

Hope the week has been good so far! i recently went to the jungle and guess what, Leopards had jumpsuits on! Yup….not kidding!

Okay, maybe a little….*now looking away*

Animal Prints have been in trend from last year as we saw a lot on celebs like the kardashian sisters, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen sisters and many more!

They are dramatic therefore always cause a stir when worn, but are definitely beautiful. I got a good bargain at my friends store, of a casual Persian leopard print jumpsuit and wore it to lunch with the boo

Jumpsuit- Be Beau
there’s something about animal print that just makes you feel jungle…lol 

Ring- Greece local market; Sport watch/ Bangles- Next; Purse- Ghana local market

Neckpiece- Oasis


i am looking unto the hills, from whence cometh my help!

i had these gorge police sunglasses on at some point, you can shop various styles on their website

i like this purse because of the color and style, very vintage
Rubber flats- Dollhouse; see my post on rubber flats here

Jumpsuits i love because they accentuate the curves of a woman (if she has any lol) and makes her look mature.

Jumpsuits also hide the extra baggage like a pot belly and what not….that is not to say you shouldn’t keep your body banging oooo!

i have been in a lot of print stuff lately- jewellery, shoes, clothes, you have seen some and should see more.

Its funny because i never rocked them when they were trending 100%; i hate to follow trends!
By the way, i hooked on to bloglovin and lookbook.nu today!

I’m really getting serious about this blog this year lol!  i’d finish the process soon enough so you can enjoy my posts via both amazing conduits

i have to go….i’m literally dozing!

its Ms Modish,


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