January 6, 2012

My Holiday Moments - Part 2

hey honnies,

So remember the post on my holiday moments here??? Okay the sequel is here, pls sit back and enjoy Part 2!!!

My friends had a new year day party at theirs and yours truly was invited….it was held at their beautiful home later in the evening so i thought laid back and playful will be my style to the get together

Trust Nigerian girls to dust the bottom of their boxes as they knew the crowd that’ll grace the party lol! However, some girls did the minimal thing and looked perfect….way to go lovelies!

The situation makes me hope and pray that someday Nigerian girls will learn how to dress appropriately to events

Without further ado, this was my get up….

                               orange sheer top- clueless
                               Navy cargo croppped pants- B2C clothing
                               Clutch- vintage store in Abz
                               Brown suede fringe/studded loafers- Lei
                               Cat eye shades- playboy

Get up close and personal with my vintage clutch….i love it…i love brown!

Meet the party owners….lol

Permit me to say i would have had more fun if a few things were right but lets just say it was good lol

Onto the next day, the fam got invited to lunch at my brothers! i was uber xcited when i got the message because i do not  just love food but i looovvvve free food

Homegirl thought it was the perfect time to debut my preety navy sheer wrap skirt my sis gave me a few days before….she hates it but i love it and im sure you will too, its sexy!

                                  Yellow tank and gold rubber sandals- primark
                                  Sheer wrap skirt- Next
                                  Accesories- Dubai
                                  Watch- Movado
                                  Clutch- Vintage

photocredits go to mi darling cousin whom i love so much….we took out time from our deli’s to take pictures.

warning…the images you are about to see could be a bit distracting…lol

its a very feminine skirt, women should have one of these whilst going on a holiday, if you know what i mean… it accentuates the goodies, its light and very comfy

As much as i hate to repeat clothes often….the love i have for this piece will definitely make you see it sometime soon

Special thanks to my favourite wafers- Tango chocolate for making me finish off this post despite headache.com

Have a fun weekend folks
its Ms Modish,



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