January 6, 2012

It was a famille wedding!

Hello fierce people,

I know,its annoying, work has started and there’s so much chaos in Naij now. God will deliver us from all the problems we are facing.

I resume work on monday and i’m more than grateful for a restful holiday….its been real!

When i started blogging i never used to blog about personal stuff but these days, things are changing. i feel  so comfy with my readers (a lot of whom i dont know as they have refused to join lol)

Anyways, it was my cousin’s wedding last week hence there were family fun moments and i thought to share those with you

For my non- Nigerian readers, our weddings come with two events, the first being the traditional related one (the enagagement) and the next being the regular white wedding, where you get to go to church and party till you drop afterwards.

The engagement unfolded as follows…..

waiting for the mums….

wondering when mine will happen….lol

dress- tailor made; red/nude strappy sandals you can’t see- Ted Baker  


Mi darling cousin (not the one that got married)

The engagement was beautiful, i personally prefered it. There were less people, better food, nicer music and i met an energy drink for the first time called pussy, wierd innit lmao

Moving on, the wedding came along a day after the engagement and we had a good time, see for yourself…

animal print clutch- dorothy perkins; accesories- a shop which used to be in aberdeen when i lived there called ENVY, i got a lot of awesome stuff there for ridiculously cheap prices before they shut it down for Jah knows what reason!

shoes- Next (Runway collection)

 As you can see….i was in the animal mood, i’ve been into various animal prints lately….i shall put up posts on that shortly

watch- Hugh Laurie; electric blue dress- Liz Claiborne

You won’t believe who took these pictures, My 8 year old niece…..she’s fast becoming a fashion and photography fan, thanks to her best aunt : )

Yours  Truly reporting for fierce and modish; Shades- Roberto Cavalli

 I was drained from taking pictures at this point hence the fake smile…

some members of my awesome famille……

i don’t know what i want to do with my laps, once i sit….the dress goes all the way up
it was a windeck issue on the dancefloor lol!

Famille is epic, always!

we had a great time as kola and kemi got hooked

its Ms Modish


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