December 14, 2011

Vote for Ms Modish

Aloha Holiday Makers, how goes it???

Well i must say i have mentally shut down from the hustle and bustle of the year so i’m all about fun fun fun and i hope you are too

In other news, i entered this santa baby challenge on one of my fav blogs: and basically you are supposed to have a look that plays around with christmas colors- red, white, green, gold, silver etc. I think its fun….common its fashion so of course!!!

This was my look, what do you think???

How it works is, the entry/person with the highest vote wins so pleax pleax pleax…lol. Vote for me!!! Entries will close on Sunday so i plan to put in another entry (with a different and exciting look)before that happens; Voting starts on Monday 19th December and ends on Thursday 22nd December.

Many thanks for your fierce and anticipated support : )
Merry Christmas!!!

its ms modish,


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