November 16, 2011

Wednesday Style Fact

Hey you’s,

Like i used to do in my early blogging days, i read something on a fashion and style blog that struck me so i thought to share it with you my lovelies….

“fashion brings us together, style sets us apart”

Define your path friends…

Quit acting like a musician when you are a communicator
Quit carrying a nicole scherzinger long weave when you are short, as it makes you look even shorter Quit speaking like you were born and bred in LA when all you have to be mindful of is your diction
Quit wearing sky high heels when you have been blessed by God with an admirable height already
And the list goes on and on….

The morale of my post is “Be you, Be real, it distinguishes and elevates”

Have a restful nite
its ms modish,


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