November 18, 2011

The hearthrob of a Vampire

I love to call her Bella Swan even though her name is Kristen Stewart, she is very akward but i think most times, in a good way.

off screen- casual mode

Fierce and Modish loves her because of her role in the twilight series amongst many other things like the fact that she can’t be bothered, her minimalist style, her unpredictability and of course, her choice of man…lol.

Kristen and Robert (the vamp himself)

I can’t wait for this 21 yr old beauty to discover herself (style-wise) so we can see a full time expression of the awesome sense of style she tries to keep inside, especially off-screen

She is the tees, jeans and sweatshirt girl but even in putting those regs and casuals together, she makes quite a statement, one of the virtues of an upcoming style star

I must say that she misses it a few times like everyone else, but the other times she gets it, she looks adorable.

I know there are regular short haired girls out there who want to say much without saying too much….Kristen is one to watch in that regard, i tell ya!

Here are some of her fab looks that we like…

love love the orange vibe…..Awesome!

      Premiere- Eclipse
Ivory dress- J mendel

Gracing the cover of Vogue- Italia

K-stew as she’s fondly called will be starring in Snowhite and the huntsman, looking like this….

Kristen definitely has a thing for J-mendel’s designs as she has been spotted quite a few times on the red carpet with his pieces.

Founded in 1870 in Paris by Joseph Breitman, a furrier to the Russian aristocracy, J. Mendel is one of the rare luxury brands to remain family-owned. Today, the fifth-generation Gilles Mendel acts as CEO and head designer, and the label is now based in New York. In addition to fur, the brand now encompasses a full women’s ready-to-wear line and handbags. Collections now run the spectrum from luscious chiffon dresses and sleek canvas trenches to tweed suiting and red-carpet gowns.

Mendel has dressed other stars/notable people like Kate Hudson, Demi Moore and Ivanka Trump, to name a few.
Now for the very recent Breaking dawn premiere, Kristen wore an edgy purple piece with a very daring slit, from J- Mendel’s stable, a look taken straight off the runway (spring 2012 collection)…

She paired it up with black and very basic peep toe heels to achieve elegance in its most simplistic form, It suits the way she’s seen by the world and she truly looked the part.
I also love the fact that she picked electric blue, its fierce!….Welldone Kristen!

A few other pieces from J-mendel’s Spring 2012 collection…a blend of chiffon, colours and amazing slits!

on this note, i shall say have a wound free weekend, unlike me : (
its ms modish,


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