October 21, 2011

Uber Rubber gets fabber

Hey Lovelies, 
Rubber shoes, sandals, slippers and things are in this season. U’ve got to love them because they are pretty, durable and very comfy.

We have seen stunning designs of these from Vivienne Westwood, Gwyen, beachlife and doll house to mention a few.
They are usually worn during the summer abroad but it’s a good thing that those of us who live in Nigeria can wear them almost all year round.
The flat rubber shoes are laid back and so are best worn on casual outfits.
The high heeled ones as seen in the Vivienne Westwood nude heels below, may be worn with mid length dresses and generally, outfits that are a bit dressier

these green ones by Gucci are to die for….i totally love them!

I have a few in shoes and sandals, here is one of each, I’d show you the rest, once I can get a picture, they are so cute!

Have a restful weekend since movement is restricted and wish me Happy Birthday….its on Sunday the 23rd and I can’t wait.
Been trying to decide on what to wear much later after thanksgiving service which i’m supposed to wear an ankara jumpsuit to (if my executive designer delivers).
I hope I make the best choice. I’d keep all the juicy details and pictures for y’all to see next week
There’s one thing i’m sure of tho…i shall be working these gorgeous shoes my very good friend and supermodel - modish look book ’11, got me from Dorothy Perkins a few weeks ago, when she moved back to naij (as we call it)
Thanks and love you girl!
Have a good one
Its Ms Modish,


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