October 10, 2011

look Major and Mature this Season

I once walked into a store recently and you needed to have seen the way sheer, chiffon….call it whatever pleases you, were been scrambled for like the next best thing after sliced bread (like someone I know always says). This beautiful fabric/piece has been turning female heads recently and in a refreshed way. What makes it even better is, we are in a season of prints (floral, animal; which I’m currently sick off, dogtooth, tribal/native, asymmetric etc) and this makes sheer tops, blouses/shirts, skirts, maxi’s, scarves and so on, appear nothing but absolutely gorgeous

Caution! Caution!! Caution!!! They are pricey…. but the good thing is they last long, are non-iron and could be worn with almost anything at all
Sheer blouses/tops are my favorite as they make you look very mature whilst expressing and flattering your feminine side. Slim girls look absolutely stunning in sheer tops as it defines their structure, gives it room to breathe and cleverly shields them from looking too skinny. The bigger girls also look fab in sheer tops as it swallows the extras and makes it look all moderate, especially when they purchase a size bigger than their regular dress size.

Let me whisper a secret and don’t tell anyone…. “With sheer tops, the looser the better”
Sheer tops can be worn with well fitted and plain pencil skirts, to avoid looking too busy.  However, if you are brave, you can pick up a light patterned/striped skirt to go with it, it works! You can also tuck the sheer top in high waist skirts/pants (preferably pencil bottoms) for a retro, today and rock star look
To get a corporate twist, wear sheer with boyfriend blazers, top coats or basic jackets
Chiffon maxi’s and full/mid length skirts are very warm and welcoming. Some are bright and fun while others are passive but inspiring. Maxi’s can be worn on dress down days to casual events, a day at the beach or church if paired with a dressier top. Gosh I love-love the way the top sexily (permit my Spanish) falls over the skirt or pants when tucked in….it’s go 60’s baby
Express your innate sense of style and have fun while looking mature and major this season in whatever is sheer.

Have a fab week fierce fam
Its miss modish,


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