October 20, 2011

i am wearing my boyfriend blazer

Hello people,

Its so good to know the weekend is almost here and we can let our hair down a bit; that’s for those of us who have hair.

I feel really good today also because im rocking my new jersey blazer by ***** i wont tell…lol.

its comfy and preety too….here’s what it looks like.

Practically everyone wants a picture with me whoop whoop.

Because i know you will love to have this, i have carefully but quickly sourced for a few designs you may like and here they are

white boyfriend jacket- Boden

navy striped (Jersey/cotton sweat) blazer- Esprit

Mocha Jersey Blazer- Heaven sent

Double layer blazer- Majestic

 For a dressier and more lady like look, try these ones from Moschino as they are more coutoure/costume

Black jersey jacket with brass buttons- Moschino

Brown jersey blazer- Zara
Crested Jersey blazer- Ralph Lauren

Jersey/ boyfriend blazers may be worn to work on dress down or business casual days.

They can be worn with a tank and denims (skirt/trousers), jeggins or a tiny dress.

They can also be worn with a pencil skirt for a corporate twist as seen in the brown Zara one

They come in plain or stripes so are versatile.

Fierce and modish thinks every woman should have one so start clicking

you can shop different jersey blazer styles on






i hope your evening is restful

its Ms Modish,



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