July 8, 2011

What does your purse/murse say about Ya???

Hey lovers of style, hope you had a good week. Its been a huge while and I am happy to be back.
So, the clutch, hand/sling purse, murse (man bag) and generally, fab and cute bags are back on the platform this summer and not only to events but on a day to day basis, depending on what you are sporting.
So the fierce question is “What does your purse/murse say about You”

Your clutch/purse suggests your style, kind of person and adds that one last tint you need to your ensemble. Its lady like, could be fierce or playful.
Okay, now I know Modish Men ambassadors are getting uninterested thinking bags apply to just the women but sorry to disappoint u, the MR’s are sporting bags more than ever before, this season.
A few bag collections have been created by designers like Fendi/Prada and Naija’s very own Adebayo oke-lawal. These have graced fashion runways and shows in Lagos, Milan, Paris and rocked by style buffs like Kanye West and David Beckham

Having said these, there a few things one should be mindful of when picking out a hand piece for the occasion:
  • When going fierce, be sure to explore purses that are off your style of clothing, so there is a loud contrast that celebrates the purse/murse exclusively
  • When playing safe or coordinating colors; especially to a formal event, pick one, two or at most three of the colors in your ensemble for the bag, or do the staple black that always works

  • Certain events suggest trendy purses like the envelope style, cute clutch or studded/accessorized satchel that makes a bold statement when you walk in (see the styles above)
  • Purses can also be paired with casuals like denims, dresses (formal/informal) and native designs, but be mindful of the occasion
  • The size of your purse should determine what you carry around; stuffing things into a purse disfigures and makes it loose beauty and meaning     
  • Your purse doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color with your shoes but be sure to achieve a connection except when color blocking

  • The solemn the event, the smaller the purse; an official dinner does not warrant a purse as big as your PC in the office and a friend’s 25th sure does scream a gorgeous and bold piece
  • To stay on trend this season, do colors like nude (pale cream), blush (subtle pink),yellow, hot red, purple, electric blue, green, orange and other playful hues
On the whole, purses/murses make you stand out as they don’t occur to the everyday person as necessary.
They also make you feel a lot more confident as you can peek into them when you want to get away from the obvious, complete the good work your ensemble started, as they essentially serve the purpose of keeping your special effects together in one place…………a sign of someone who’s got style.
Have a good weekend lovelies!
its ms modish,


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