July 18, 2011

Fierce Verdict: Music Meets Runway

Hello people, so last weekend brought with it, a bit of a fashion treat as Le Reve Events brought us the first of its kind in Nigeria, “Music Meets Runway”, held at The Eko Hotel and suites on Saturday 9th of June, 2011. The show featured 10 fierce designers and 10 talented musicians on one runway as different collections either nailed it or missed it.
Modish was thrilled to be there as expectations were admirably met.  To kick start the show after an hour of waiting for the event to buffer was Toolz of the Beat Fm and Banky W
Toolz, modish thinks looked a tad bit tacky, hair had a bad day and the dress, aunty!!! Too tight as we could see the lil pot belly and contours through the dress, the colors she had on gold; that appeared red on screen….lol and purple with glitters did not do her justice either. Next time, for a banging full bodied figure like that, please do plain colors preferably dark toned to hide all that celluuuu….. Also, as opposed to ball gowns or plunging neckline clingy dresses, try jumpsuits, free maxi dresses and fitted dresses in firm materials. Banky on the other hand,  modish thinks looked adorable in his mudi kinda African dress shirt and a pair of jeans….a bit too regular but the embroidery on the shoulders, nailed it. However Mr strong thing…..loose the shades….its a dark hall already, do you want to go blind???
A quick run through the designers and artistes now…
Vonne: “The Prince” sang while the models strolled by one after the other. This collection had a variety of contemporary colors like electric blue, nude and then green, navy and grey. The models did a great job but designs were quite busy. Modish loves the tank with the alluring breast pads though. Fierce Verdict- 4 out of 10!

Viv La Resistance (VLR): Next up was the group “Show Dem Camp” providing us with some sonorous tunes as the show went on. The VLR collection sampled a lot of red, cream, grey and black. A bit of a feathery kinda material was showcased in almost every design which made all of em look very busy. Models had tonnes of make-up and hair accessories on that did not quite make us focus. However, they sampled gorge purses…that I must give to em.
Fierce Verdict- 3 out of 10 because there was too much going on for one night…..next time, bland faced models would rock the outfits better

Toju Foyeh: my guy “shank” sang Julie (an all time favourite by the way) as I watched this collection unfold. There were a lot of nudes, greys and the first browns of the night. At this point, I totally gave up…it was a night of colors and modish likeeed!
Fierce Verdict: 6 out of 10

Obsidian: first of all, my favorite kid these days “whizkid” was on a row at this time with his “scatter the floor” number blaring outta the speakers….I literally jumped out of my seat when he started this song as everywhere lit up like the show just began!
This collection revealed a lot of skin ooooo….as in a loooot of skin! I was laughing out loud because I had to look around to be sure I was still in Lagos or Milan….as I had a moment of shock when the first model came out. The designer whom I hear is just putting her stuff together to launch soon, played with colors like teal, green, blush, denim and yellow.
Fierce Verdict 5/10

Grey: this label was the first to showcase menswear so I was excited much to see that. A dude called Davido sang as the hunks filed out one after the other to showcase different pieces. This collection seemed very playful, relaxed and fun oriented and was largely dominated by white, reds, greys. Trending were stripes and color blocking. Modish really liked.
Fierce Verdict: 8 out of 10

Republic of Foreigner (ROF): next up was Dr Sid who came on stage and reeled out my all time favorite, something about you! As I boggied down, ROF began sampling their pieces. Clearly the designers were inspired by animal prints, chiffon, boho and hip styles. The models were quite few but on the whole, ROF did alright
Fierce Verdict- 6 out of 10
Virgos Lounge: Banky anchored this with strong thing and all I could see from this collection were colors. They sure played around with colours. The pieces were mature, classic and very much feminine. Halfway through, Banky and SS sang VGBG and at this point I almost lost my voice out of excitement. Very good work from both ends
Fierce Verdict- 8 out of 10

Meena: I must say Duncan Mighty stole the shine off this designer that day as he reeled out his classics Dance for me, Asanwa Asanwa Baby and Port- Harcourt boy. Girls went totally wild and the entire hall lit up. To be honest I did not notice the collection but for one of the menswear worn by a half naked model, reason been the girls’ went totally gaga
Fierce Verdict- Nil

Babushka: Mr ten over ten sang when this collection took the stage. Naeto pls can you loose the hausa cap….its worn out! A fashion statement shouldn’t be overused lav…..xoxo.

Tsemaye Binitie: this much sought after young man who happened to be one of the high profile designers showcased that night, sampled a beautiful collection with various combos like denim and net and exciting neon colors like orange. Whizkid performed his Don’t Dull tune after which his godfather (Banky W) officially closed the intense show

Before I drop my pen, the audience rocked all manner of stuff as expected from a naija crowd, there were lots of mini/color/print/floral and black dresses; a lot of color blocking (which I think was a bit much), way over the top hair and make-up for such an event and huge messes: ranging from weird combinations to inappropriate styling. A few looked very good and many sure have a lot of work to do, as far as putting pieces to make a fab ensemble is concerned.
A few guys looked okay and a lot looked either gothic or gay for reasons best known to them; Modish was a bit disappointed in the Menswear turn up because c’maan…..there are so many easy peasy ways to have put up a fab get-up to that event. It was pretty obvious a lot of people still need to learn that when it comes to fashion and style, more often than not…… “Less is More”
On the whole, despite the huge PR mess involving Miss Amber rose coming /not to the event, It was definitely a fun time out as the designers sure made Nij proud with their good work and musicians….OMG thrilled the shit out of me as I pakurumo’d (danced) all the way.
its nufn but luv bunnies,
miss modish and Divo


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