May 17, 2011

VB- Style Star


A lot of pink, orange, purple, grey, peach and white grace the spring/summer collection of this fierce label. Now which do I take first….the fashion line or her Royal Fierceness ummmmm… start with her!

VB (posh) has always been a force to reckon with from the old days of spice girls. This is coupled with the fact that she has a gorge beau who reps it hard on the pitch, on the runway, and the red carpet. Soft spoken but hard on fashion and style, Victoria never lets an opportunity to make a fashion statement pass her- the true definition of a style star.
Personally, I stopped to re-evaluate her sense of style while she was guest judge for American Idol in 2010 where she stepped out in one of the episodes with shoes bigger than her feet! You could actually see the gap in between her feet and the shoes but this lady carried on like a mannequin, looking so spot on. Even with the baby bump, Victoria keeps the style flag flying…… she is a trendsetter and a bold face (H2T) which is amongst the many reasons she has earned a position on the Style Star Series for Modish. I love love her, her work, her pieces and the way she puts them together…..go girl!
“It’s been so much fun being a Spice Girl and I’ve loved every minute of it, It’s been great for my children to see mummy being a pop star. But it’s been tough as well because fashion is my passion, not music.” Victoria Beckham (Hello Magazine, 2011)

Since inception of her fantastic clothing line DVB, Victoria has showcased her collections in fashion week(s), at the Grammy Awards and other renowned events, held across the globe. Her pieces are an extension of her person, sense of style and interpretation of what fashion is. They are trim, colorful, very feminine and accentuate sleekness for those who have it.
A lot of her stuff is replicated by high street and online brands because of the suitability for weddings, church, or social event. I must say she is usually inspired by the slim figured but a few of her stuff in the SS collection have high bust lines, puffy bottoms and non- clingy designs that may work well on the full figure.

its miss modish,


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