May 3, 2011

Royal wedding to you, Headresses to me

Yea yea….its the season of love and no other than our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are at the most comfortable and receiving end of this awesome feeling
Asides from all the awww’s this memorable day, Modish was out to see who was wearing what and I must say I was a lil disappointed buh that was pretty much expected…..the British are conservative

However, I was more than excited that my people never disappoint me and I’m speaking of no other than DVB baby! Victoria appeared as fierce as possible, decked in her bummer Navy-blue wide neck tent  dress, that I thought looked uber fab despite the baby bump, she matched this with a fascinator and ubiquitous sky-high platforms
She had the most adorable accessory beside her in the person of David who looked all arranged in a Ralph Lauren morning suit with his hair neatly pulled back……halleluyah!

Asides from my favorite pair, the Queen looked very springy dressed, as the fibers of her bright-yellow Angela Kelly beaded dress with matching coat and hat said it all. It was bright, sweet and happy which are all qualities the grandmother of the groom should have. She remained relevant to this generation by attaching the sweetest accessory ‘the Queen Mary’s True Lovers Knot broach’ to this outfit.

Head Dresses
These have been in vogue for a while now; I’m talking turbans, fisherman hats, colorful head bands, scarves, bonnets, hoods, fillets, fascinators, hair accessories, berets and so on.  Basically, these colorful pieces Up your outfit, give a tint of grace to your look and could either dress up or dress down your entire ensemble.
The Royale Wedding confirmed this as men and women had all forms of colorful headdresses on that expressed their sense of style, jazzed up their looks and wowed/booed it
Modish thinks this should be replicated to weddings during this season, in various colors, more than ever before. Also, Electric colors (refer to feb’s blog on ‘month of colors’) are still very much dominant this season as we saw at the wedding so keep keeping it bright, blocky and fun…

At this point, I’m sure you’re thinking, is she really not going to talk about Kate’s dress! Well yea I thot about that buh then, she was under the spotlight so I mite as well….

Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen…….The long-sleeve, lace gown with an 8-foot-long train was perfectly suited for Kate’s conservative yet chic style. It was elegant and classic yet simple. It was retro yet modern and reminded me of nothing but a fairytale

Sarah obviously showed off the subtle side of this brand by maintaining a soft and silky look to the wedding dress which I promise you, may not have been achieved by McQueen…..ask Gaga!

My favorite part of the after party tho would be the talented songstress….. Ellie Goulding who sang for Prince William and bride Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace later that day…..ive always had my eyes on her cuz she’s got a great voice.

in totality, it was an awesome one
its miss modish,



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