May 23, 2011

Fierce Verdict- Billboard Awards

Miss keri Baby in my opinion never looked so sorted! Dolled up in a canary yellow mini draped with a turquoise belt to go, she is shimmering with beauty.
For this wonderful look put up last night, we say welldone!

Did someone say RihannaNavyyyyyyy!!!!!
Its the Female artiste of year baby; that never dulls the Modish crew in an all white outfit with the best color shoes these days, NUDE.
For this woman, i have nothing but love

As much as i love Neyo, he dissapointed me with this hideous face cap and random shoes and i can’t fail to express how blehhhh it is for him to have looked like this.
Gentleman, please try harder next time!

I love love the jacket but not pleased with all of the rest. this is why a look is most important because people want to see a total package and not halves.
Loose the pants for dressier ones to suit the blazer and dude…..white shoes???? Not working.

Final Destination Sham
When will kesha learn?
Tacky does’nt pay love so loose the extended net thingy and your curves are’nt the most flattering for a dress that cut.
The shoes are inappropriate too…..infact, we give up! 
For more billboard award info, spy on the labels section.
Meanwhile it was fun snooping around for Glam and Sham.
xoxo lovlies


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