March 21, 2011

Random Style Rant

hello people’s

really akward blogging on a monday buh yea…..such is life!
so im on my way to work this morning and the convo….

Mr B: I just saw a lady wearing a lilac shirt and army green pants
Me: Laughing out Loud smiley

Mr B: Topic for your blog plsss, colours you must neva think of putting together
          I almost had a seizure
Me:  I can imagine

Hence my monday random style rant……just after writing a piece on colours…some random woman gets decked up in lilac and army green…..seeeeriously? i bet she don’ t even have a computer.

Anyways, colours colours colours……these days you really cant tell colours that match thanks to fashion and its instigation of the colour riot been in vogue however, you dont have to look akward in the name of fashion and me is very much aware some people need help putting the right stuff togetha which is why we are here so you might want to shoot me an e-mail or better still, gimme a call.

Also, second opinion always works when you may not be too comfy with the combo you might have on. if there is no one to ask, look in the mirror and assess yourself objectively, im pretty sure you will get a hang of it eventually.

Moving on, style i must say don’t end with putting the right cothes togetha….i mean whats the point of combining the right stuff when it does not translate to the right attitude?

its not enough to be decked up in the right clothes people, the right words, manner of approach and behaviour should follow suit…..these tick the boxes and check your entire style box

truth is, it usually turns out to be a total waste of clothes when whoeva is rockin wat….does the wrong things. its part of the package with Modish and gosh i cant wait to put things togetha and start those sessions cuz the work isnt even started until then.

For now my lovelies, i beg you to keep it meaningful…the attitude behind the clothes that is, don’t talk too much, be nice as much as you can, maintain peaceful relationships and above all…..dont dissappoint your look with the wrong attitude

Phew….after getting that out i feel a lot betta.
enuf love,
miss modish


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