March 4, 2011

Dare to Differ

Time takes me away from my first love…..yes it does and thats why yours truly has not been in your face the way she should. Anywho, what have you been up to lately, style wise?
Me got a better platform to at least express my style self on a daily basis so, i don’t feel as boring as i used to, going to work.
Up until last night i intended to start this month with something else but i ran into an article that for the first time in a million and one ‘fashion and style’ magazines, written by ‘i won’t tell’, struck me deep and sounded right.
Dare To be Different
Brazillian weaves, 18/22 inch curly human hair, the riri hair cut, a blend of two shades of sleek eye shadow, artificial lashes, studded sling bags with over accessorized looks, high waist/skinnies on the plump lady, skinny belts on the endowed tummy and lot’s more!
Muscle tees on every dude, skinny ties on the large framed manager, charms on any and every outfit to a social function, the plaid syndrome, jackson bootfit on the thick thighed, studs  or dredz on every entertainer, fisherman hats as a staple look, and the list goes on and on.
These, i’m sure many of us are guilty of………many thanks to what we call fashion!
Many thanks because it leaves us looking like each other at the end of the day and this must come to an end in this style kingdom which we have found ourselves today the 4th of March, 2011.
Permit me to say style is about individuality, its about what you put together differently from others, the difference between bayode’s look from babade’s look (my friends who will shoot me after reading this), even though their spotting similar trends.
Im not against adapting what we see around because its our primary inspiration for starters, but we have the stylibility to carve our own look from the general trend. For help on this refer to pevious blogs……thank you very much!
The point is who says you cant rock harems with a pair of comfy snickers as oppossed to the regular gothic sandals that is overbeaded, who says you must have more than your powder and a lil lip gloss to a fierce dinner party? Who says you must match colours all the time when going for a boy’s nite out…….People, quit been predictable and dare to differ.
                                                                         If you are like everyone else then you are fashion conscious, agreed… but sorry to break your heart, you’ve got zero style.
I am different, always have and and so can you….by adding a lil ‘ur twist’ to that look.     
Av a fabuloso weekend y’all !

its miss Modish


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