March 11, 2011

Colours in Season

Hey fierce fam,
All i see are colours this month, the beautiful, strong and domineering colours of the season.
Today, i’d take three smashing colours and give quick tips on how to work them near purfectly.
Electric blue is my favourite of the lot….infact im thinking of pairing it up with i won’t tell you what  for my wedding whenever that is! This fab colour signifies a major spark and goes with the Aquarius zodiac sign (Jan 20-Feb 19). It is suggested to be worked by beautiful youths, please take note! And the nature of this colour and its zodiac sign are romantically compatible with Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, so you peeps could start connecting asap.
Mr Modish should pair this colour up with jet back pants, can have them in accessories like cuflinks to look like a Divo, could have them in comfy chocs or casual footwear or my bestie, a slim tie. If he wants to go the extreme route on a night out, he can have it in a silk shirt….trust me, you run the risk of looking great but a lil bit gay…

Miss Modish can have this all over, from accesories to a wee top or gothic sandals. She can also pull it off in a mordern turban for an evening out or a pencil skirt to a flexible workplace like mine yaaaay.
Next up is the natural GREEN
This i like, i always have even in nail polish and thats because its energetic, signifies maturity and is tied to the roots. It is silent yet noisy, it is deep and way more than your regular colour. Whatever shade the green colour comes in, feel free to work a piece in green. It is contemporary so should be in your closet if you have style. Even in make-up, this colour works for you on almost every good day.
For guys , green could be a lil shifty so its safer to do the army, leaf or carpet green in ties, accessories, khaki pants, casual tees and footwear. Its fresh and natural yet very much inviting so if you are looking to impress your audience, green is sure the way to go.
Last of the lot is a colour i beg to say im not a big fan of, personal opinion by the way, but its a colour the fiercefam needs to work this season so……hands are tied!
Orange has been on the style scene lately because its fun, fresh and can make a bold statement anyday, anytime. Be it orange in citrus or tangerine, pair a  great piece in this colour with the subtle brown, army or carpet green, cool cream, indigo or black, as a staple compliment.
Orange is suitable for social events like wedding ceremonies, parties, church and the likes, but it may be half the time too bright for formal scenarios such as the workplace.
For more on colours……keep checking up on the modish crew, fashion websites, trendy magazines and anyone who is anyone in the business of looking good. They are important to your look, colours i mean, cuz usually they suggest your mood on a daily basis.
Meanwhile…..are you going for the Arise Fashion Show?  if you are…look out for fab pieces and if not…pictures should be up online soon for you to refer to.
Av a blisful weekend y’all   
Your truly,
Miss Modish.


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