February 4, 2011

If you are stylish you would..........

·          Have a silk top in a bold color cuz it neva goes outta vogue.
·         Make sumfn outta nufn, style wise.
·         Wear the clothes and not the other way round.
·         Be bold enough to take risks and wait to see their results.
·         Rock individual looks, (H2T) head to toe.
·         Never rely on trends instead let your closet always bear the burden.
·         Let confidence and composure be the icing on the cake.
·         Take correction because nobody came before fashion, we all met it on the bleeding planet.
·         Compliment each look with the right attitude.
          Never go out of your way to convince peeps you look good.
·         Not copy celebrities all the time cuz mehn you’d be on a long tingggg.
·         Wear only what suits you.
·         Dress for the occasion.
·         Never overdo tings.  
·         Invent new ways to keep people watching.
·         Spend a fortune on looking good or not, its totally up to you.
·         Be noticed even in a crowd for everly representing.
·         Know certain colors when combined, can never match.
·         Be prone to rare wardrobe malfunctions.
·         Be contemporary even when going retro.
·         Never over-accessorize to avoid lookin like a monsterrr.
·         Not try too hard.
·         Be a member of the modish crew.
I am so obsessed with the style bizness I compiled this @ 3a.m!!! They are straight to the point hints on how to know if yours’ trulys’ are stylish or not. At least get a 10 out of 23 ehhh.
Moving on, fashion faux pas, a few errors here and there and totally random/carefree days happen with the everyday you and me. Nonetheless, when he’s got style or she’s got style, its freakkkiiiinnnngg obvious!!!!!
So folks, feel free to let it all out, yes…..all that’s in you to be better dressers as the days go by, cuz style comes from within.
Its miss modish,


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