January 28, 2011

And then there was in 2010 and still is in 2011.........

Ms Modish…..
Our own Ankara/Da viva/African print dresses rocked last year to functions of all sorts, a few of which are weddings, birthday parries, naming ceremonies and so on. The good news is they will remain on the fashion and style throne this year, and in various forms. However, ladies please do away with the one shoulder/asymmetric look in 2011, Its been on for too long! of course except you intend to jazz the sleeve up with  a brilliant bow or colorful roses, exaggerated sleeves or spikes/sequence for Rihanna fans or her navy, like me!

The little black dress was a must-have in 2010 and still is in 2011. It can be the high-necked, curvy and mini dress or the puffy sleeves or doll dress, fierce line is every member of the modish crew should have one gorge black dress or more, in her closet. It is versatile, puts you out there and expresses the woman in you that is prestigious and classy.
Skinny belts, statement necklaces, pearls, beads, cocktail rings, geek looks and retro hairstyles were fierce in 2010 and still are now. However, the gothic sandals should henceforth not be too busy; stylish girls never overdo things so please, keep it nice and simple this year!
New in are plunging necklines yaaaay! How low can you go? This sexy look is rite for weddings, dinner parties and a little night out but I’m going have to break your heart Mrs endowed…..the look is not for the big busted but for the size 4-8’s to emphasize their figure and slimness around the neck/ bust area. So, if you fall in that range, don’t hesitate to work it girl but not to church….remember your outfit must be appropriate, thank you very much.

   Mr Modish……..
Your staple dress sense which happens to be the jeans and jacket combination has been around for a little more than a long while so…..STOP! Except the jacket is of a contemporary colour (turquoise, metallic grey and the likes) paired with skinny jeans and jewelry (Grecian and colorful rosaries) that’ll adorn and overlook the regularity of this look.

Our own Gbenro Ajibade rocked this look so well at the SMVA’s, so could you! This combination though old, is still very much allowed as I understand men don’t operate in a wide style spectrum, like women. You could also pair the jersey or casual jacket with pants to match for a versatile look (i.e: board room to dance floor).
Jeans with bold inscriptions behind pockets are so last year, I don’t want to ruin designer brands but I’m sure you know those I mean. The real deal is straight and simple, no drama. Emphasis is instead laid on the colour and style of your denim this year so do  the deep sea blues, jet blacks, straight cuts, bandless, skinnies, boot cut (retro) to stay on top of your style game.
The secret is when you have too many in –your- face designer names on you, it looks like you’re relying on those clothes for confidence and presence and it should be the other way around because your style is in you not on you.
New look resolutions…..
  • Some of us have added a little weight so need to ditch the clingy clothes till we get back into shape, please do, so it doesn’t look like you are trying to fit in a size lower than yours. 
  • Get a stylish haircut to up your viva this new year, change your regular hairstyles, look different and feel fresh by taking a risk, it’ll bring out the best in you. Bear in mind though that the shape of your face largely determines what hairstyle or haircut will suit you.
  • Ditch using the eye shadows so often and elevate your eyes with colourful eye pencils (I am so extreme with these, I do purple so, the greens, electric blues and turquoise are so right).
  • Used to wearing loose pants to work, its time to make work pants a little more stylish. Add new colours and textures to your collection. If you rocked plain pants last year, switch to pinstripes, plaid, chinos and things. You will be shocked whose attention will be gotten and for yourself, it will make you feel brand new. 
  • You might also want to change the shoe shape in 2011, if you were used to the round toe and boring looking shoes, try the pointed fit but be careful and make sure there’s a little room for your toes to breathe in them.
Don’t forget, when it comes to style, Less is definitely More. Much love people and see you next month!


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