December 29, 2010

Fierce Tips

Yaay!!!! its the maiden blog from *fiercelymodish*…the man/woman style hub coming at you in 2011. 
I am more than pleased to introduce to you, a dream that has been nursed from inception and thought about every minute of the day, my version of stylish and idea of reaching out to CEO’s, big shots and the working woman and man. 
Please join me if you feel this ish as this space isn’t for everyone but for the stylish by nature and fashion conscious by genuine choice, not pretense. Let me also say that I am very much open to criticism, suggestions and support as i am positive they all form the masterpiece.
So my favorite people, its no news that in the fierce world of fashion and style, there are a million and one dynamic do’s and dont’s we all should be mindful of. Did i hear you say why, because its pertinent you are on point every time darling! 
Hence, the five fierce tips i have below. Some of these you may have heard before but i can assure you, they are home-grown and cannot be over-emphasized. So, take time out to read and put them to full use, trust me, you will  see results. Feel free to send me feedback on any of these, ask as many questions and express as much concern about any stage of difficulty.
  • it doesn’t have to be what is in vogue, rather what suits you.
  • try more style and less fashion, per time
  • fashion suggests you shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks as it might just bring out the best in you
  • never dress to impress……personal gratification is key
  • not too sure about the combination….seek a second opinion before walking outta the door….it works!
I hope you enjoyed reading…..

its Ms Modish,
God bless



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